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Green Building Case Studies

Oakland currently offers formal City recognition of green buildings. With the adoption of a green building ordinance that sets minimum requirements, projects must now achieve or exceed either a LEED Gold rating through the U.S. Green Building Council or 75 points through Build It Green’s GreenPoint Rated program. Since 2009, the Oakland City Council has recognized twenty (20) projects that have met or exceeded high green performance. These Oakland projects include one of the first LEED for Neighborhood Development projects certified under the pilot program, the first single-family home with dual LEED and GreenPoint rated certification, the first project to meet a LEED Platinum rating and a multi-family affordable housing project that achieved 167 points, the highest GreenPoint Rating, ever, for a multifamily building to date (2010).

The case studies are divided into five categories: residential, commercial, historic, neighborhoods, and civic projects. The information in the case studies include a project summary, green building features, environmental savings, green building rating, and project team members. Check back each year for the next round of recognized Oakland green buildings and case studies.


Residential Case Studies

Existing Building Remodeling or Alteration

Photo of 38th and Kansas Project 38th and Kansas Condominiums

 Silbert ResidenceSilbert Residence

328 63rd Street328 63rd Street

Single-Family New Construction

Photo of the Margarido HouseMargarido House

Multi-Family New Construction

 Photo of the Zephyr Gate ProjectZephyr Gate

Photo of the Uptown ApartmentsThe Uptown Apartments

Ironhorse at Central StationIronhorse at Central Station

Affordable Housing New Construction

 Photo of Fox CourtsFox Courts  Photo of the Edes Avenue HomesEdes Avenue Homes

Live / Work New Construction

 Lancaster Street Live/Work Townhome ImageLancaster Live / Work Townhome


Historic Case Studies

Neighborhood Case Studies

New Construction

Photo of Tassaforanga Project and payground   Tassafaronga Village


Civic Case Studies